“What’s happening at your recycling plant”

Waltet investment makes Bunny Lane Recycling Centre one of the best in Hampshire

Over the last year Waltet has invested heavily in its Bunny Lane Materials Recycling Facility at Timsbury to make it one of the best in Hampshire and to help raise its recycling targets. New quieter and more environmentally-friendly site machines, a new metalled haul road will all help to reduce vehicle noise, reduce dust and keep the public road clean. The installation of more mechanised recycling machinery in the main recycling hall will mean safer and efficient handling of waste materials and an even lower percentage of waste going into landfill. New temporary offices and an up-grading of computer software will enable greater recording of all materials coming into and leaving the site after sorting and processing.

This investment has totalled more than 1 million pounds, since the site was given permanent planning permission. Last year this site was identified by the Planning Inspector as a Materials Recycling Facility in the Hampshire Minerals and Waste Plan.