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Braishfield Community Hall patrons have a drink on Waltet!

A Waltet community grant has helped the Braishfield Village Pantry Shop to provide teas and coffees for volunteers and customers. The grant for one hundred and fifty pounds was given for the purchase of a new Morco Eco Boiler to provide instant boiling water for making teas and coffees for visitors to the hall. "The eco boiler is safer than boiling kettles and can provide 60 cups of boiling hot tea or coffee in minutes. A big improvement on our previous system for teas and coffees," stated Braishfield Village Pantry Shop volunteer Marian Randall.

Chairman of the Braishfield Hall Committee came up with the idea of asking Waltet Community Fund after speaking with Alderman Michael Woodhall, chairman of the Waltet Community grant committee after learning how Waltet helps organisations within the parishes of Braishfield, Michelmersh and Timsbury to improve the quality of their lives and their community.

Anyone in the parishes of Braishfield, Michelmersh and Timsbury who wishes to apply can download an application form from the Waltet website or write to Alderman Michael Woodhall, Waltet Community Fund Committee, Waltet House, Andes Road, Nursling Industrial Estate, Southampton SO16 0YZ.

(Left to right) - A big hit with all who use the hall and need a hot drink. Marian Randall holding the teapot pours a nice cup of tea for Merry Knights with the Morco eco-boiler in the background.